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$49.95 Fall Fleet Preventative Maintenance Special!

So you bought a new #truck for your #business - congrats! You don't have to worry about repairs for a while right? Well sure, but the basic #maintenance is still required.  Most people take their #trucks right back to the #dealership for routine maintenance because they think that having any other shop work on their truck will void their warranty. Is that really the case? Not so much because that would be illegal! 

Most #warranties don't cover wear-and-tear items and regular maintenance such as #tires, #batteries, #brakes, #windshields and #oilchanges. Have you checked to see what this will cost at the dealership? Even if there's a special, will they work on your truck during second shift or #Saturday so that you can use your truck to make money during your peak time? Even if you can get past these first two questions, will the dealership pick-up, drop-off and wash your vehicle - every time? Double-dog-dare you to find that in your warranty!

Schedule your appointment today!

It may sound like we're anti-dealership, but surprise, surprise, we're not! We actually have a great relationship with most dealerships. For some of our customers, when they need to use their warranty, we'll pick-up their truck, complete the preventative maintenance, take it to the dealer to have the warranty items completed, pick it up from the dealership and return it back to them. So, actually, you can count on us to be your warranty liaison. What? Wow!

So, when you're ready to see how the best of both worlds can work for you so you can join our happy customers who maximize their money and time, call us to schedule a pick-up. 

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