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Advanced Vehicle Safety Features Now Standard

Source: Mitchell

In the past, only luxury vehicles were supplied with the latest and greatest safety features.

Very few cars came equipped with active cruise control, braking intervention, cross traffic alerts, blind spot detection, around view cameras, lane departure warning systems and other exciting new technologies that promote driver safety.

However, as the technology has become more affordable and omnipresent, manufacturers have begun making many of these features standard on popular vehicle makes and models.

According to Lauren Fix, an automotive analyst and “The Car Coach”, comfort is also a key factor. “The comfort of drivers and passengers is the key to selling the model. This is why we are seeing more heated and cooled seats, heated steering wheels and lumbar support at no extra charge. All of these features used to cost extra. The Kia Forte is a great example of a $24,000 car with everything standard at no extra cost.”

“Of course, safety is still a top concern. More car companies are making safety a standard at no extra charge. The goal is to start the integration to autonomous vehicles, that has run into a few obstacles to make them mainstream. Getting consumers and drivers used to these features is the big trend for 2019.”

At First Choice Auto & Truck Repair, we use the Mitchell System to track your repair from start to finish. Our team of experts stay up to date on safety features and other trends in the automotive industry.

Visit for more information and call us at (302) 656-1433 to schedule your next appointment.

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