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Are you ready for snow?

❄Who's ready for the #snow?

Weren’t we just complaining about 93 degree weather not too long ago? Well now it’s time to think about #winter and we’ve had some #cold temperatures already to help us think about it! If you have a #snowplow, now is the time to have an #inspection done to make sure everything is ready for the first #snowfall.

❄Here’s what we look at/for and #fix when we inspect your snow plow:

Plow Shoes

Plow & Mount Fasteners

Cracks in Welds

Grease Moving Contact Points


Electrical Connections


Hydraulic Fluid


If you can’t make the #inspections yourself, call us and we’ll assemble your plow, bring it in to our #shop for the inspections and drop it back off when we're done. You will then be

ready for our first snow and you'll be ready to plow with confidence! #FirstChoiceAuto #FirstChoiceFleet

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