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Essential Driver Program sponsored by First Choice Auto & Truck

With the recent efforts in keeping our public exposure a minimum, our community faces challenges on the ways in which we can get their basic needs serviced, i.e.: food, medicine and patient transportation This places high demands on local companies to provide delivery options of these life-sustaining services and the necessity of having viable transportation to accommodate these goals.

Our contribution to helping these companies is to keep the vehicles of the drivers who provide these services in optimal condition to sustain our community. We’ve created the Essential Driver Voucher Program to do this. It’s an easy, fast method to help drivers stay on the road to provide these vital services. How does it work? Your company establishes an account with First Choice Auto & Truck Repair, Inc. (FCATRI). We issue you a secure Voucher Personal Identification number VPIN for each of your drivers’ vehicles.

You share the VPIN with your driver(s). When your driver needs a repair, they provide their Employee or State issued ID and the unique VPIN for their vehicle. At no cost to you, we perform the following:  No-cost 29-point check  Oil Change for a gas-powered engine (up to 3 vehicles per company)  Take pictures of any necessary repairs  Prepare an estimate

We share the pictures and estimate with the driver and the designated employee from your company for the company’s authorization. Once authorized, FCATRI will charge your company’s account and provide copies of the paid invoice to both the driver and the company. How long does it take? Routine maintenance and most minor repairs can be done normally within 24 hours. Major repairs may take longer but we will make these repairs a priority for the drivers of this program.

What are the benefits of using the Essential Driver Voucher Program?  No out of pocket costs for the driver  Free local pick-up and drop-off  Fast, efficient and professional  Work performed by a licensed, insured institution that has been around since 1992 and can provide many references

What services does FCATRI perform? All repairs and maintenance on cars, mid-size and heavy duty vehicles. What if I need a tow? FCATRI has tow trucks for all size vehicles and make any vehicles in this program the top priority so they don’t have to wait. What If I don’t have time to get to your shop? We’ll come to you. If you’re vehicle is drivable and you’re local, we’ll pick it up and drop it back off to you for no charge.

Who do I contact for questions or enrollment? Sandra Ramos Program Facilitator First Choice Auto & Truck Repair, Inc. Office: 302-656-1433 Cell 302-743-5271 We appreciate all of the companies and drivers who provide critical services to our community in this crucial time. We pledge to help you stay safe on the road so you can help our community stay safe.

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