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Springtime Fleet Maintenance

Spring Road Conditions

Our roads, neighborhoods, job sites and delivery points change considerably with spring.

The warm / thaw cycle causes frost heaves and potholes that sometimes can form overnight, especially on secondary roads.  Maintain a good distance from the driver ahead of you so you can spot potholes in advance and give yourself extra time to react.  Plus, this limits the amount of kicked-up rocks and debris to potentially hit your windshield.

Leftover salt and sand can reduce tire grip. Be especially cautious in areas where salt and sand can build up, such as rural roads and off ramps.

Extra caution should be used when pulling off roadsides.  Softened gravel, along with the possibility of erosion and frosted leaves, can form sinkholes.  Ease your vehicle one wheel at a time to the shoulder.

Contact your only choice for Fleet Maintenance - First Choice Auto & Truck of Delaware. We will take care of your fleet - while you take care of your customers!

Phone: (302) 656-1433


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